100daysofgrievances #37 HEALTHFOOD FADS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              An infusion of this, and an extract of that,

Antioxidants promise to blitz all your fat!

Call it a ‘Superfood’, the fashionistas will pounce,

Extra kudos to you if it’s hard to pronounce!

Quinoa and acacia, you catch my drift?

Will cleanse and invigorate and give you a lift!

Freeze-dried goji berry and chia and flaxseed,

All the trendy-pud toppings one could possibly need!

Don’t spoil your snackage with honey so dated,

It’s agave nectar for the nutri-initiated!

And how does one choose what to eat to be cool?

I’ll let you in on my fool-proof rule…

Look out for words such as ‘cleansing’ and ‘purify’,

It’s SCIENCE I tell you, no word of a lie!

‘Electrolytes’ that ‘energise’, it’s all honestly true…

These ‘experts’ believe in homeopathy, too…

Don’t miss out on this extra vim and vigour,

Start swapping for foods that are all de rigueur…

Almond butter and essence of kale,

Juice all your green things, you cannot fail!

One final wee thing, before I end here,

(To snack on cheese and such things those health-nuts fear)…

If you crave vitality and radiance and what-not,

I’ve one other suggestion in your quest to look super-hot…

Screw the expense and your personal taste,

And stock up on coco-water without any haste…

With all the hype and the press and the fuss,

This most Super of drinks may soon be like gold-dust!



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